It is an honor for Vedeqsa to be a part of the Network of Impulse Organizations and collaborate with Fundació Impulsa in this vital mission.

Vedeqsa is deeply moved by the work and impact that Fundació Impulsa has on the lives of young people in vulnerable situations who are motivated to continue their education. We believe that all young people deserve equal opportunities and are thrilled to be a part of this noble cause. Education and vocational training are fundamental tools for a better and brighter future, and Vedeqsa is committed to providing continuous support to this mission.
Vedeqsa is profoundly impressed by the Impulse Method and its comprehensive approach to ensuring that scholarship recipients make the most of their opportunities. The combination of scholarships, personalized support, personal growth training, and employment opportunities is
genuinely exceptional.

Vedeqsa looks forward to continuing to work closely with Fundació Impulsa and witnessing how this collaboration can further improve the lives of young people and contribute to a more equitable future.
Once again, thank you for your dedication and for giving Vedeqsa the opportunity to be a part of this noble cause.