ALKEMIR®-505/RS is a solid mixture based on semi-refined carrageenan and food gums.
It is used in the manufacture of meat emulsions, such as frankfurt and mortadella. ALKEMIR®-505/RS must be added premixed with another solid component such as sugar, dextrose, sorbitol or maltodextrin. Alternatively it can be added as a pre-dispersion with water directly into the cutter.


  • High capacity of retaining the liquids, avoiding its release during cooking. Gums show synergism with carrageenan, reinforcing the formed gel and giving it a greater cohesion and elasticity, while avoiding syneresis.
  • ALKEMIR®-505/RS adjusts the viscosity of the meat emulsion, providing the adequate body to the final product and improving its texture.
  • It increases the stability of  the emulsion.
  • It does not mask flavours nor taste.
  • It allows a clean cut. Its ability to interact with proteins enhances total liquid retention and stabilises the emulsion between fat, water and meat, preventing release.
  • It enhances the brightness of the finished pieces.


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