LAE® achieves China Trademark certification

Vedeqsa, as part of Lamirsa Group, has been granted with China LAE® certification of trademark registration under the International Classification number 1.

Specified Goods/Services (International Classification: 1):
In Class 1: 1. Food preservative; 2. Food storage chemicals; 3. Food antiseptic chemical
preparation; 4. Food preservation chemicals; 5. Food preservation and antiseptic chemicals;
6. Chemical additives for use in the manufacture of cosmetics; 7. Chemicals for the cosmetic
industry extracted from plants; 8. Antioxidants for use in the manufacture of cosmetics.

This trademark registration plus the Chinese authorities’ statement in 2020 for LAE® as a cosmetic preservative, makes a further recognition to Vedeqsa’s presence in the country, and makes us confident about the future in the region.

You can read here the final LAE® statement by the Officials in 2020: Ethyl lauroyl arginate HCl is approved as a cosmetic preservative and included in the List of Permitted Preservatives.