Clean label additives

There has been a significant shift in the global food industry in recent years, driven by consumers’ growing preference for natural, healthier, and less processed food products.
VEDEQSA is a pioneering company in the food industry with high-quality, clean-label additives. Recognizing the importance of these consumer trends and being dedicated to meeting industry requirements, VEDEQSA is committed to providing food products that are safe and preserved and meet clean label criteria.
Their wide range of clean label additives perfectly balances maintaining food safety and adhering to the non-E-number labeling norms.
Moreover, VEDEQSA’s innovative approach to clean label additives extends beyond simply removing E-numbers from labels. The company also invests in extensive research and development activities to continuously innovate and develop additive solutions that are both effective and naturally derived.
VEDEQSA stands out as a leader and a trusted partner for businesses looking to transition into offering cleaner, more transparent, and more consumer-friendly food products.

Clean label products for meat

Clean label products for fish


Clean label products for sauces and creams

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